Changed my life

About 16 months ago, I met Lisa in my breastfeeding journey. It’s simple. She changed my life. She spent multiple sessions with me and helped me through some of the most difficult days of breastfeeding. It is her that supported me and kept me going. She kept me focused. She listened to me. She spent countless hours sending me research and helping me find solutions to my problems. She encouraged me and gave me motivation not to give up even on the hardest days. She taught me to trust my body and to be in tune with my body. She became someone I greatly trusted. Now she is a dear friend. We have met for coffee and discussed our goals together. I am forever grateful for her. Lisa will never know the true extent of how much it meant to me with how much she has helped me over the last 16 months.

An incredible source of support

Lisa has been an incredible source of support during our breastfeeding journey. She was knowledgeable of our issues with tongue tie right from the beginning, and has continued to be an encouragement as my baby is entering toddlerhood. I would highly recommend any of her services!!!

Nothing short of AMAZING

Lisa is nothing short of AMAZING. She has helped me so much in the last 5 years! From correcting Zoeys latch, just being a support system when I was feeling weak, prep talking me for nursing ANOTHER child. Answering every question before needing a procedure done and just simply listening. She’s helped me in so many ways and I am forever grateful for her.  #fiftyfourmonthsbreastfeeding

An amazing human

Lisa is an amazing human. I HIGHLY recommend her and her services!! She is so kind, knowledgeable, and super passionate about helping women and families. She will make you feel incredibly comfortable and supported in whatever it is you choose for yourself, your child and your family! Though never a formal client, I have reached out to Lisa several times with questions regarding breastfeeding and she is always so easy to talk to and helpful! Her knowledge-base is very far reaching and she will make sure you get the help you need. I refer all my clients her way and always keep her in mind for anyone seeking care, resources and support!